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“At NELFT we understand that physical health conditions can be worsened by psychological distress and take into account the needs of the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Anyone with a challenging physical condition can receive prompt and expert support from dedicated physiological and psychological practitioners working closely together”

Lindsay Royan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Trust Lead for Clinical Health and Specialist Psychological Services

Joining the NELFT family of Psychological professions, you’ll be part of a major national initiative changing the way psychological services are delivered in England, delivering a range of psychological services with the opportunity to work in both acute and community settings.

Hear more from our clinicians below, about our exciting initiatives and our commitment to providing a supportive environment where psychological professionals can thrive.

Catherine, Practitioner at NELFT

Our service model offers the following; 

  • Direct assessment and therapeutic work with patients and families individually and within a group setting
  • Working with teams including consultation advice and supervision of non psychological staff and joint clinical work with other professionals
  • Applying a person-centred approach that puts the patient at the heart of personal decision-making and service development
  • Teaching and staff training in the application of psychological care to improve health care
  • Developing practices that enhance the quality of psychological and physical and staff patients, carers, and staff
  • Research and evaluation 
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“I love working for NELFT and feeling like I am being part of something bigger.”

– Emily Edwards Little, Assistant Psychologist

“The psychological professions are at the heart of NELFTs transformation of mental health and community services. The Trust is committed to developing services for adults of all ages that place the service user and their social network at the centre of all we do. Psychological interventions and psychological understandings of mental distress are core to the transformation. We want to use the skills, commitment and creativity of our staff to grow high quality services that meet the needs of our local populations”

– Sara Tresilian, Professional lead Adult Mental health Psychological services.

NELFT has a thriving Research and Development department that supports a range of national and local studies. We have excellent links with UCL via a number of clinical academic posts and teaching links. We endeavour to support staff with research and quality improvement projects and to lead services which are research aware and research active.

NELFT Psychological Services Practitioner

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