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We have a wide range of career opportunities here at NELFT. No matter where you fit, you will be part of a team where you feel valued and supported in your personal and professional development. When you join NELFT you can be confident that we support and promote a culture based on fairness, respect, honesty, and trust.

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We invest a lot in equality and diversity making sure the workforce is as representative as the patients we look after this gives me a sense of belonging and is one of the reasons I love being at NELFT so much.

– Silobile Moyo, Community Rehab Lead

Silobile Moyo - NELFT Practitioner

I am so proud to work in a career I love.
I am so proud to work in the NELFT community.

– Georgina, Senior Occupational Therapist

Georgina - NELFT Practitioner

I’m really supported in my current team from accessing training and professional development to socialising. I’m lucky enough to call many of my colleagues friends and we enjoy socialising when we are able to.

– Jacqui Moody, Occupational Therapist

Jaquie - NELFT Practitioner

I’ve been at NELFT for 20 years, I’ve stayed in NELFT for as long as I have because the values of this organisation are in line with my own beliefs, putting people first, prioritising quality, are key to the way I work and live. Everything we do at NELFT is about making a difference to the population we serve.

-Wellington Makala, Executive Chief Nurse.

Wellington - NELFT Practitioner

Training is encouraged and well supported across the trust and everyone has great development opportunities, particularly with pilot projects, interim roles and external training.

-Nick Bertram, Occupational Therapist  

Nick - NELFT Practitioner

NELFT are as committed to the staff as they are to the patients, there’s a strong emphasis on looking after our own mental health and you can access things like support groups and yoga sessions which really helps.

– Rukshana, Occupational Therapist

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Every day is different and that’s one of things I love about this job. You never know what you’re coming into, but you always feel supported by the wider team to make those big decisions for your patients.

-Catherine Manderson, Crisis Team Manager, Kent & Medway.

Catherine - NELFT Practitioner
NELFT Practitioner


Our nursing team is the beating heart of the organisation. As a Trust we’re invested in your wellbeing and professional development and we understand that patient experience is directly linked to staff experience.

Whether you’re working as part of our community teams helping to keep patients in their homes, one of our two inpatient units, or with schools and early years as part of our health visiting team, the role you play is crucial to maintaining healthy communities.  

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“Working remotely gives me great flexibility, I can plan my day and it fits around my life, I’ve got a great work-life balance.”

Ellie Russell, Band 6 Crisis Nurse 

Psychological Services

Our service model offers the following; 

  • Direct assessment and therapeutic work with patients and families individually and within a group setting 
  • Working with teams including consultation advice and supervision of non psychological staff and joint clinical work with other professionals. 
  • Teaching and staff training in the application of psychological principles improving health care.
  • Developing policies that enhance the quality of psychological and physical care given to patients and staff
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“At NELFT we understand that physical health conditions can be worsened by psychological distress and take in to account the needs of the whole person, body mind and spirit and I have a vision that anyone with a challenging physical condition can receive prompt and expert support from a dedicated physiological practitioner.”

Lindsay Royan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
& Trust Lead for Clinical Health and Specialist Psychological Services

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Joining our team of Allied Health Professions (AHP’s), you will be part of the third largest workforce within the NHS. Here at NELFT we employ over 900 AHP’s across 11 professions, making up 15% of our workforce.

We are constantly innovating and seeking out new opportunities for AHPs to be involved with established and new services, we welcome forward thinking clinicals to apply and join our team.

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“NELFT has no rival when it comes to staff welfare, they’re concerned about their staff wellbeing and will go overboard to ensure it’s met”

Orby Chukwudum, Occupational Therapist

Medical and Dental

NELFT puts medical leadership at the heart of our service development and we are keen for the clinical voice and patient voice to guide our service delivery decisions and developments, while remaining mindful of best practice. We offer doctors a unique opportunity to work in new revolutionary models of care.

Nationally, NELFT is at the forefront of Mental Health Acute Care with well-developed Home Treatment Teams and high-quality inpatient care. We pride ourselves on having the smallest bed base across London, and the second smallest nationally. We are front runners in delivering safe services in the least restrictive way, by having well developed Home Treatment Teams.

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“I am proud of the high standards the Trust not only promotes but also adheres to. Staff are supported to grow and develop within their fields, there is always an opportunity to enhancing practice, develop clinical practice and knowledge across different areas of mental health.”

Shamim Mbakoma
Senior Specialist Nurse/Duty Lead Clinician

NELFT Practitioner


Our Corporate support service helps the Trust run smoothly. Using their professional skills to provide services, supporting both clinical and non-clinical services across the Trust.

We can offer an exciting range of corporate positions and would welcome methodical and honest specialists to join our team.

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“Looking forward to working everyday and the new challenges that come with it.”

Ryan Ittop, Administrator

NELFT Lanyard

Career Pathways

Here at NELFT, we are really proud of the training and development we can offer you; you’ll be fully supported to access external and internal funded courses to further your own professional development.

We’re committed to ensuring you have the right skills now and into the future to deliver quality services to our patients.

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“I have opportunities to make a difference to clients and my colleagues. Recent highlights: continue my practice as a practice assessor and teaching future nursing and other health allied students, being offered opportunities to develop my skills, working with complex cases that challenge my practice and encourage further skill enhancement and building professional networks.”

Joanna Uchwat, Senior Specialist Nurse and Family Therapy Trainee

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