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Sylvia - NELFT Practitioner


Our nursing team is the beating heart of the organisation. As a Trust we’re invested in your wellbeing and professional development and we understand that patient experience is directly linked to staff experience.

Whether you’re working as part of our community district nursing teams helping to keep patients in their homes, in one of our two inpatient units, or with schools and early years as part of our health visiting team, the role you play is crucial to maintaining healthy communities. 

We invest a lot in equality and diversity making sure the workforce is as representative as the patients we look after this gives me a sense of belonging and is one of the reasons I love being at NELFT so much.

– Silobile Moyo, Community Rehab Lead

Silobile Moyo - NELFT Practitioner

I am so proud to work in a career I love.
I am so proud to work in the NELFT community.

– Georgina, Senior Occupational Therapist

Georgina - NELFT Practitioner

I’m really supported in my current team from accessing training and professional development to socialising. I’m lucky enough to call many of my colleagues friends and we enjoy socialising when we are able to.

– Jacqui Moody, Occupational Therapist

Jaquie - NELFT Practitioner

I’ve been at NELFT for 20 years, I’ve stayed in NELFT for as long as I have because the values of this organisation are in line with my own beliefs, putting people first, prioritising quality, are key to the way I work and live. Everything we do at NELFT is about making a difference to the population we serve.

-Wellington Makala, Executive Chief Nurse.

Wellington - NELFT Practitioner

Training is encouraged and well supported across the trust and everyone has great development opportunities, particularly with pilot projects, interim roles and external training.

-Nick Bertram, Occupational Therapist  

Nick - NELFT Practitioner

NELFT are as committed to the staff as they are to the patients, there’s a strong emphasis on looking after our own mental health and you can access things like support groups and yoga sessions which really helps.

– Rukshana, Occupational Therapist

Rukshana - NELFT Practitioner on pink background

Every day is different and that’s one of things I love about this job. You never know what you’re coming into, but you always feel supported by the wider team to make those big decisions for your patients.

-Catherine Manderson, Crisis Team Manager, Kent & Medway.

Catherine - NELFT Practitioner

As part of our nursing team you’ll thrive in a people orientated
environment working with patients, carers and staff. 

You’ll meet new challenges with passion and enthusiasm and be a valued member of our nursing family. 

Feeling like you’ve made a difference and seeing the young people get better,
is so rewarding.

Every young person we see is unique, which makes it really interesting,
every day is different.

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Chelsea Robins - NELFT Practitioner

“Receiving letters from young people thanking me for my support makes me proud.”

Chelsea Robinson – Mental Health Nurse 

Student Placement Nurses

Student Placements

NELFT offers a wide range of placements to a variety of students. Practice experience facilitators (PEFS) support the students, the practice assessors, and practice supervisors during placements. They maintain links with the Higher Education Institutes to ensure high-quality practice placements are available, which offer all students the opportunity to meet their identified learning outcomes in a conducive learning environment.

Working closely with the higher education institutes we provide placements for three different routes to registration with the Nursing Midwifery Council as a qualified nurse or midwife;

  • Postgraduate Diploma – This route is open to those who have previously undertaken a related degree.
  • Bachelor of Science – Working with our partner universities, we provide placements for five branches of Nursing and Midwifery.
  • Masters of Science – This is a Masters level course which also leads to registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
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