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At NELFT, we recognise the importance of not only developing colleagues but also recruiting and retaining new staff to fulfil both the short and long term requirements and developments of the Trust.

We invest a lot in equality and diversity making sure the workforce is as representative as the patients we look after this gives me a sense of belonging and is one of the reasons I love being at NELFT so much.

– Silobile Moyo, Community Rehab Lead

Silobile Moyo - NELFT Practitioner

I am so proud to work in a career I love.
I am so proud to work in the NELFT community.

– Georgina, Senior Occupational Therapist

Georgina - NELFT Practitioner

I’m really supported in my current team from accessing training and professional development to socialising. I’m lucky enough to call many of my colleagues friends and we enjoy socialising when we are able to.

– Jacqui Moody, Occupational Therapist

Jaquie - NELFT Practitioner

I’ve been at NELFT for 20 years, I’ve stayed in NELFT for as long as I have because the values of this organisation are in line with my own beliefs, putting people first, prioritising quality, are key to the way I work and live. Everything we do at NELFT is about making a difference to the population we serve.

-Wellington Makala, Executive Chief Nurse.

Wellington - NELFT Practitioner

Training is encouraged and well supported across the trust and everyone has great development opportunities, particularly with pilot projects, interim roles and external training.

-Nick Bertram, Occupational Therapist  

Nick - NELFT Practitioner

NELFT are as committed to the staff as they are to the patients, there’s a strong emphasis on looking after our own mental health and you can access things like support groups and yoga sessions which really helps.

– Rukshana, Occupational Therapist

Rukshana - NELFT Practitioner on pink background

Every day is different and that’s one of things I love about this job. You never know what you’re coming into, but you always feel supported by the wider team to make those big decisions for your patients.

-Catherine Manderson, Crisis Team Manager, Kent & Medway.

Catherine - NELFT Practitioner

What is an apprenticeship?

It is a work-based training programme focusing on the whole job, not just individual skills, and provides the employee with a set of vocational and functional skills along with a nationally recognised qualification. You will have fantastic support from experienced staff, the apprenticeship provider and the Talent for Care Manager and team. Within your apprenticeship you would have at least 20% off the job training to develop your knowledge and skills. This could be lectures at college/university, shadowing a member of staff or attending role specific training.

Apprenticship Practitioners

Apprenticeships run from intermediate to degree:

  • Intermediate apprenticeships – equivalent to GCSEs or other Level 2 qualifications
  • Advanced apprenticeship – equivalent to A-levels or other Level 3 qualifications
  • Higher apprenticeships – equivalent to a foundation degree and above
  • Degree apprenticeships – equivalent to a full bachelor’s or Master’s degree
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“NELFT has been fantastic at supporting me within my first role in accounting. I feel like rotating between finance functions during my apprenticeship has had a massive impact in helping me to progress both professionally and academically. Not to mention the great work/life balance, and 2 study days per exam has truly helped me to excel in digesting and continuing to learn.”

Joshua Pearson – Finance Apprentice

Apprenticeships are available within both clinical and non-clinical areas across the Trust. Some of the job roles we currently run apprenticeships in include Health Support Worker, Nursing Associate, Business Administrator, Assistant Accountant, Data Analyst, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapist and many more.
At NELFT we also support our current employees with continuing professional development opportunities where they can complete an apprenticeship in a topic that supports their current job role such as Team Leader, Senior Leader and Nursing Top Up.

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