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Consultant Psychiatrist Access & Assessment

Reference: 395-MED246-21G

Band: NHS Medical & Dental: Consultant

Location: Mellmead House, Orchard Close Rodney Road

Closing Date: 23/08/2022


Our patients are not severe enough to require CPA engagement though they may be key worked. The service is linked closely to the CRT and EIP services at Mellmead House where referrals are directly made. We have a caseload of about approximately 340 patients per 1wte Consultant. There are 2.5 WTE consultants in the post. The Consultant clinic is expected to have 20 contacts per week and the discharge rate is 10%.We have leads in nursing, OT and Social Care and we discuss all clients through a RAG service in the weekly Zoning meeting on Wednesdays. We are closely affiliated to the CRT Teams and we hold specialist Well-being Clinics (to cater for non-CPA Depot clients), and Physical Health Clinics for patients with SMI.

At present there are 2.5 wte consultants and 2.5 wte junior doctors in post. Dr Singh and Dr Nandy are the substantive consultants and Dr Volkansia is the locum consultant. Dr Roger Singh is an EMN Ambassador and he welcomes close discussions to allow effective multi working support. He works full-time within Raabit. Dr Singh is a Royal College Representative and QI facilitator in Redbridge.

Discharge planning starts at the point of entry to the Service. Staff work in partnership with patients and carers shall identify needs, to agree appropriate outcomes and service provision necessary to support them in their journey of recovery for the period of time their care is managed by secondary care mental health services.


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