Bank-MHS Healthcare Assistant - NELFT Bank-MHS Healthcare Assistant - NELFT

Bank-MHS Healthcare Assistant

Reference: 395-BANK218-SEP22

Band: Band 2

Location: Various

Closing Date: 27/08/2022

Key Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Support the clinical team in the provision of patient nursing and rehabilitation care by working alongside qualified nursing and therapy staff.
2. Participate in the implementation of care and rehabilitation programmes, to ensure patients regain confidence in maintaining activities of daily living whilst recognising the patient’s beliefs, preferences and choices.
3. To help ensure that service users engage effectively with agreed Care Plan and access appropriate services.
4. To be responsible for liaising with and providing information to other agencies involved in the care of the service user.
5. To develop a rapport and a therapeutic relationship with service users, within appropriate boundaries
6. To provide regular and practical support to service users and their carers (as appropriate) in developing and managing independence and maintaining dignity and self respect.
7. Facilitate the orientation of newly transferred clients into the ward, recording their property and supporting them as they settle in.

Clinical Skills
1. To assist nursing staff in the delivery of nursing care to patients
2. To record dietary and fluid intake
3. To record vital signs when required to do so
4. To change linen on beds, dispose of foul linen, to tidy rooms and generally maintain patient areas in good order
5. To escort patients to appointments both inside and outside of the hospital

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